Add CMS functionality in a snap!

Rainbow Live allows you to easily add a CMS layer to any XML driven website, application or mobile app. Simply get started by importing an existing XML file and Rainbow will instantly provide you with an intuitive graphical interface.

A CMS where you are in control

Rainbow Live manages only your content data allowing you to define the structure in any way you like. Unlike other CMSes it's free from any presentational framework giving you complete data and display separation.

Use Rainbow wherever you use XML

Because Rainbow works independently of your application or website you can use it for any platform that requires XML data. This includes: IPhone/iPad apps, Android apps, Adobe Air/Flash applications and more!



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  • Node based editing on live XML files - right from your browser!
  • Empower your clients! Provide your clients with an easy way to edit content.
  • You can upload files directly through Rainbow Live - even create thumbnails.
  • Use Rainbow Live to replace bulky CMS systems. Easier to set up and configure.
  • Can manage the content and data for any platform that requires an XML file or feed.
  • Customize your data structure completely independently to visual layout.


Curios about Rainbow Live? Check the interface screenshots below: